-No More Being Tied To a Bed!

-Jen Ahn Kim–born in North Korea on January 18 with fair hair, dark eyes, and a scrawny body–will be 16 1/2 years old when she is adopted by me.

-“You’re like ‘Child Genius’ to me!” Jen Ahn Kim will speak in a Korean accent. “I’m in Mrs. Dabler’s Basic Biology, and you’re taking Physical Therapy at Michigan State University! You have a bigger brain than I do!”



5 thoughts on “-No More Being Tied To a Bed!

  1. I didn’t know that North Korean children were tied to beds.

    [And I should remember this Human Rights report I read last February 2015].

    It’s different when it’s personal.

    Isn’t it great when someone – your own kid – recognises you as a child genius?

    And you are thinking a lot about brains at the moment

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  2. -Jen Ahn Kim will have other health impairment (ADHD), and will keep me busy. Orphaned in Korea as a baby, Jen Ahn Kim will come to America as a teenager.
    -Fair hair, a Korean accent, and a U.S. citizen of Korean heritage the moment she is allowed to be given “YES!” in the adoption heaven.

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  3. -When I’m older, I want to go to a mission trip to Cambodia to adopt Jen Phay Kim-Li (born January 18 and will graduate when she’s 17 years old), who will also have orthopedic impairment (mild cerebral palsy).
    -Jen Phay Kim-Li will be 16 1/2 years old when she comes to the United States, becomes legally a U.S. citizen, is legally a minor because I’ll have a job at the Lansing Capitol, and will be renamed to Jennifer Phay Kim-Li, a U.S. citizen of Cambodian heritage.

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  4. -My Cambodian daughter–Jennifer Phay Kim-Li with the natural Revlon Light Blonde Hair because of her fair-haired mom–will have a job at YMCA Aquatics because she’ll be a Guppy (a beginning swimmer). She will have also have orthopedic impairment due to Shaken Baby Syndrome, born on January 18 at age 16 1/2 with premature birth.

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