-Jacob Mays

-Born on January 18 in Tehran, Persia; Jacob Mays in para powerlifting will be my future adult son because he will have Spastic Quadriplegia (he will be 21 years old when he graduates from Haslett High School).

-Contrary to quadriplegia, spastic quadriplegia means Jacob will have mobility disability causing spasms in his four limbs. As therapy, he will do para powerlifting. He will speak English and Farsi, he will have fair hair and brown eyes, and he will be thin-weight and medium-height.

-Because my maternal grandmother was Reform-Jewish in heritage, I will choose the name Jacob Mays for the young man (we’ll be culturally Reform-Jewish, but religiously members of St. Luke Lutheran Church).

-At Haslett High School, he will be on a high school diploma track: If he wants to be a ride operator at Kings Island with me for “Sally’s Sea Plane,” he and I will need proof of high school graduation (special classes are MEANINGLESS and DON’T PREPARE PEOPLE FOR COLLEGE OR THE WORKFORCE).


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  1. -“Jacob Mays wasn’t born with cerebral palsy,” I will speak, “but it was because of Zika virus (KidsHealth) that he ended up with spastic quadriplegia. You don’t have the cerebral palsy that Jacob has, and you don’t have the Zika virus that Jacob has! Count your blessings, everyone!”

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  2. -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVRdhg6biN0 (Три танкиста Ангелина Пиппер День победы.mov) will mean that even though Jacob Mays will battle Cerebral Palsy, that’s why there’s Shake It Like Taylor Swift By Maysoon Zayid (http://www.cnn.com/2015/03/13/health/human-factor-maysoon-zayid/).
    -Cerebral Palsy is contagious when brain tumors occur simultaneously, or when babies are born premature. However, Cerebral Palsy is generally not contagious. Cerebral Palsy means that Jacob will have Ataxic Cerebral Palsy, meaning he will wilt and lose his balance and fall down in 10-12 minutes (as long as his time-away), because Cerebral Palsy is considered mobility disability.
    -That’s all for now about Jacob Mays, an Ekat (from “39 Clues”) born on January 18, 1995 in Iran.

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