-Kristi Mays: Fair-Haired Girl Born in Japan with Visual Impairment

-https://www.rcpd.msu.edu/services/blindandvisual means that because 16 3/4 year old Kristi Mays–a fair-haired girl born with visual impairment (20/201 vision in Japan and in her new America)–will receive Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities Services when transitioning to MSU.

-A Leo born on August 21–Kristi Mays–will be accompanied by Angela Sebald, an MSU worker responsible for the blind students at MSU.

-Kristi Mays will be mainstreamed at MSU when she graduates at age 17 1/2–she has the right to be in the least-restrictive-environment.

-https://www.understood.org/en/advocacy/take-action/high-expectations-for-all means that Kristi Mays, despite her need for large print even with her Hello Kitty glasses, will not only prefer Term 1 Honor Roll (lucky), she’ll also need graduation with a regular high school diploma (luckiest).


  1. Graduation With a Regular High School Diploma
    All students, including those with learning and attention issues, should be expected to earn a regular high school diploma. Alternative diplomas and certificates aren’t acceptable. These alternatives don’t prepare students for college or the workforce. In some cases, employers, colleges and even the military don’t accept students with alternative diplomas.

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