-North Korea Adoption: Jen Migwang Kim

-I hope to adopt a girl–Jen Migwang Kim–from North Korea (age 21, born 9-13, 28.1227 kilograms [62 pounds], 175.25999999999996 centimeters [5’9″], green-eyed, and fair-haired). Her condition will be called Autism Spectrum Disorder. (And Autism is a death sentence in North Korea, 5’9″ is tall for a Korean lady, but race and size have no correlation)!

-“Jen Migwang Kim will be 21 years old when she graduates from Haslett High School because ASD does affect the brain,” I speak. “She will have good Mrs. Vessell pre-algebra 1st hour for 2nd semester (like Hannah Kim–the legal guardian–will have when she was a high school senior for 2nd semester).” I will ask Mrs. Vessell about letting me (and later, Jen Migwang Kim) about Khan Academy Pre-Algebra for practice (I will be furious if work takes 3 hours for an HS senior).

-“Roderick Prior–my future date–will also care for Jen Migwang Kim,” I speak. “I will be the only one traveling to North Korea, to adopt a young lady with autism. But Jen Migwang Kim will take my last name, because in North Korea, ancestry is determined by the mother (the Koreans have had a difficult history).”

-“It’s all over the MAC,” Jen Migwang Kim (the youth-level swimmer on training to be a CPR-certified Korean-American lifeguard) will speak in English. “Not letting people on a slide if they can’t swim is not torture; it’s for safety.”

-But Jen Migwang Kim’s main sport will be Special Olympics Project UNIFY Michigan State University Figure Skating: Figure skaters range from petite-to-average-to-tall, but are pretty much slender in weight, autism is eligible to be a Special Olympics Project UNIFY MSU figure skater, and this is an example of mainstreaming [place (a student with special needs) into a mainstream class or school.]


3 thoughts on “-North Korea Adoption: Jen Migwang Kim

    1. -Thank you! Jen Migwang Kim–a cultural Korean–will be allowed to be a slide operator when she has CPR training, and is a skilled swimmer. (By the way, CPR is something she will need a brain for, and Korean CAN BE a race)!


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