-Ukraine Adoption, Finding Jen Mays

-A senior at Haslett High School. Born in Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine. Fair hair, dark brown eyes, SPF 50 skin, age 21 but a senior in high school because she can’t speak a word of English, and also because she has Spastic Diplegia. Since many future new parents (who need to budget for months to get their Ukrainian Princess home) rename their Ukrainians, I will rename the girl to Jen Mays.

“Ya sama!” Jen Mays will speak. “I can do it!” 

“Da!”  Jen Mays will speak. “Yes!” 

-I will take the girl to Sparrow MAC Outdoor/Indoor Pool, to sign her up for youth-level swimming lessons (she will be cognitively that of a typical preteen girl). I will have her to take swimming lessons (despite the crying and whining), stretch her because she has severe cerebral palsy (despite the fact she abhors it when people stretch her), and teach her how to swim–to become a lifeguard, she will NEED LOTS AND LOTS OF TRAINING (CPR, swim test, etc.; she will be considered a worker from Ukraine, studying “Khan Academy Pre-Algebra major” at Michigan State University).

-Mrs. Busby told me that adopting from Ukraine requires problem-solving, inequalities, exponential functions, greater than/less than, and the metric system. 

-Mrs. Busby (my helper at MSU who will also care for Jen in a couple of years), is Jen Mays cognitively impaired? Mrs. Busby, Jen Mays is cognitively impaired: Intellectually, she is at the level of a 12-year-old (reading, speaking; listening), because Jen Mays has Cerebral Palsy and Learning Disability.


20 thoughts on “-Ukraine Adoption, Finding Jen Mays

  1. -Jen Mays’s Zodiac Sign is Leo for lion: She was born in Ukraine on 8-21, and she can speak English with a foreign accent (i.e. “I vant” and “Ya sama.”
    -Mrs. Busby, you said that being a ride operator at Sparrow MAC means those people need to know greater than/less than (inequalities), and that those people are not stupid.
    -Jen Mays was born in Ukraine. She has taught more about life than anyone I know.
    -Also, at 5’4 1/2″, her final adult size, she is borderline petite (which isn’t a bad thing). She wears my Children’s Place girls’ 10 1/2 years old shirt; she’s tiny.

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    1. -Adelaide, reply ASAP: Jen Mays, at 5’4″ 1/2, is actually borderline shorter. In fashion (I will work at GapKids), they take women who are 5’5″ or shorter.
      -GapKids will take women who are 5’5″ or shorter, based on proportions. This is because petite fashion defines a shorter woman as under 5’6″.

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      1. It’s already 9 days: I hope you will forgive my tardiness.

        The last few days I was trying to apply to two accounts at the same time which meant certain replies didn’t get through.

        My first exposure to petite fashion was when I would read on a message board about a 30-year-old woman who had cystic fibrosis.

        I can see you at GapKids.

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      2. -You can see me at GapKids? I am 4’11” and a half, and I admit, I want a GapKids safari red size medium swimsuit because I want to be a swimmer in Tokyo (I will adopt Lana–the fair-haired and blue-eyed full-Japanese girl aged 16.5 and born on January 18 with cerebral palsy), and I’ll teach Lana how to swim even though she’ll be in an Ottobock cane.

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    2. -https://www.visitkingsisland.com/plan-a-visit/rider-height-requirements: Jen Mays and I will later be ride operators at Kings Island at Planet Snoopy (Jen from Ukraine; I will be from Michigan State University).
      -https://www.visitkingsisland.com/plan-a-visit/rider-height-requirements: Sally’s Sea Plane (maximum 60 inches; less than 42 inches must be accompanied by a responsible person). In other words, riders on this Mild Thrill Ride can be no shorter than 42 inches, but no taller than 60 inches. That means that 3’6″ is the minimum; 5’0″ is the maximum.
      -https://www.visitkingsisland.com/plan-a-visit/rider-height-requirements: Sally’s Sea Plane (maximum 60 inches; less than 42 inches must be accompanied by a responsible person), from The World’s Best Kids Area.
      -Adelaide, I want to be a ride operator at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio, along with my Ukrainian-born daughter, Jen Tatiana Mays.

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  2. -Yes Jen Mays will be a lifeguard at Sparrow MAC after CPR testing, rigorous swimming (despite her cerebral palsy), and will make sure all on the water slides must be 48 inches OR pass a swim test. It is not to call someone “Shorty”; but the cutoff will be 4 feet, period (NO ROUNDING UP TO 4 FEET)!
    -During the Cold War, Jen Mays would have been in jail: Joseph McCarthy accused Ukrainian-Americans of being Communists.

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  3. -Jen Mays will have Mobility Disability (her case is Cerebral Palsy): Jen Mays will require an Ottobock cane made in Germany, and a shirt made in Ukraine.
    -Jen Mays will be from Ukraine (its GDP per capita is $3,900): According to Access American History, communism hurt Ukraine’s economy, and I want to be a special education American history teacher–Mrs. Kim-Li.

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  4. -But economics will also require Khan Academy pre-algebra: Ukraine’s population is 45.49 million, its GDP is 177.4 billion USD, but its GDP per capita is 3,900 USD.
    -Jen Mays was so badly lame in Kiev she could only crawl. Before her German Ottobock cane.

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  5. -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rD066TQ0M-Y (#047 Rhythmic Gymnastics Music – Mission Impossible) will be because Jen Mays is from Ukraine: She and I will do Special Olympics Rhythmic Gymnastics (which was created by Eunice Kennedy Shriver–a Jewish minority–who was its CEO) in Michigan State University (we will be lucky minorities NOT to go to Lansing Community College; we as cultural Jews will both take Jewish scholarships to AVOID Lansing Community College).
    -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVRdhg6biN0 (Три танкиста Ангелина Пиппер День победы.mov) will be because despite Hepatitis B, Jen Mays will resiliently battle Hepatitis B through Planned Parenthood in Jackson, MI. Though heartbreaking that the Kiev orphanage workers would tie Jen Mays up simply because she had Hepatitis B, this will help me understand her.

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  6. -In the Ukraine, while some workers did tie Jen Mays up, there were some workers who did a time-away, kicking her out for calling someone stupid, which is appropriate discipline (time-away is sitting on a chair for 10-12 minutes because we do 1 minute per year of age up to the preteen years).

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  7. -https://epsy5121fall2010.wikispaces.com/Special+Olympics: “Special Olympics” is a controversial organization I will put Jen Mays in, Adelaide, are you listening?
    -The situation is “Rosa’s Law,” stating that the R-word, while a good medical term, cannot be used as a joke: However, minors are taught about the stigmatizing effects of the R-word, so “Understood” will have “intellectual disability” as the waiver for Jen Tatiana Mays (she is cognitively that of a 10-12-year-old girl, same as her Children’s Place Butterfly shirt size).
    -http://www.specialolympics.org/projectunify.aspx: I will put Jen Tatiana Mays in Special Olympics’ Project Unify. That’s because while Project Unify is controversial, mainstreaming will PROVE Jen Tatiana Mays is a human being, not a thing to be labeled.

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    1. -http://www.specialolympics.org/Sections/Sports-and-Games/Coaching_Guides/Aquatics.aspx: Of Asian and Ukrainian mixed descent, Frozen’s Elsa fair-haired, autistic due to 21 years in a Ukrainian mental institution, and a Special Olympics Swimmer because I will put her in Aquatics so that she can ride the Sparrow MAC water slide (our reward field trip); I will choose Special Olympics Aquatics for Jen because I want Special Olympics Aquatics AS MY PART-TIME MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY JOB, because Eunice Kennedy Shriver–Special Olympics CEO–is a person whom I admire. Really, I want to have a job in Special Olympics Aquatics when an MSU student, a job is more mandatory than a stupid iPod, and I want to be a Special Olympics Aquatics worker for two Special Olympics swimmers: Hannah Kim and Jen Tatiana Mays.
      -Keep in mind that when going to the Detroit Historical Society (our mandatory field trip), the Axis Powers weren’t just anti-Semitic; they hated all the Allies.
      -Despite being Jewish and a target in the Holocaust, Eunice Kennedy Shriver persevered, in order to become Special Olympics CEO: Jews are considered a minority, yet Jews have the Nobel Peace Prize because the Bible states that whoever curses the Jews will be cursed.

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      1. The Detroit Historical Society must have been a great field trip.

        I thought when Eunice was part of the Kennedy family she was a Catholic?

        Of course the Axis Powers [Japan; Italy; Germany] hated the Allies and not only in a war-mongering way. Sure, there were individual relationships…

        Where is the cause and effect when it comes to swimming? It seems rather circular to me.

        “A job is more mandatory than a stupid iPod”. I was wondering if you would use any fitness tracking devices?

        So you would be a swimmer for yourself, a worker for yourself and for Jen Tatiana?

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    2. I am now.

      Until recent times I didn’t see Special Olympics as controversial.

      I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about it either.

      I like that “Understood” that you do.

      Or a thing to be ignored as so often happens. This is a quote from Tito Mudophakay, an Indian-American writer you might enjoy, Hannah.

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