-North Korea Adoption: Jen Migwang Kim

-I hope to adopt a girl–Jen Migwang Kim–from North Korea (age 21, born 9-13, 28.1227 kilograms [62 pounds], 175.25999999999996 centimeters [5’9″], green-eyed, and fair-haired). Her condition will be called Autism Spectrum Disorder. (And Autism is a death sentence in North Korea, 5’9″ is tall for a Korean lady, but race and size have no correlation)!

-“Jen Migwang Kim will be 21 years old when she graduates from Haslett High School because ASD does affect the brain,” I speak. “She will have good Mrs. Vessell pre-algebra 1st hour for 2nd semester (like Hannah Kim–the legal guardian–will have when she was a high school senior for 2nd semester).” I will ask Mrs. Vessell about letting me (and later, Jen Migwang Kim) about Khan Academy Pre-Algebra for practice (I will be furious if work takes 3 hours for an HS senior).

-“Roderick Prior–my future date–will also care for Jen Migwang Kim,” I speak. “I will be the only one traveling to North Korea, to adopt a young lady with autism. But Jen Migwang Kim will take my last name, because in North Korea, ancestry is determined by the mother (the Koreans have had a difficult history).”

-“It’s all over the MAC,” Jen Migwang Kim (the youth-level swimmer on training to be a CPR-certified Korean-American lifeguard) will speak in English. “Not letting people on a slide if they can’t swim is not torture; it’s for safety.”

-But Jen Migwang Kim’s main sport will be Special Olympics Project UNIFY Michigan State University Figure Skating: Figure skaters range from petite-to-average-to-tall, but are pretty much slender in weight, autism is eligible to be a Special Olympics Project UNIFY MSU figure skater, and this is an example of mainstreaming [place (a student with special needs) into a mainstream class or school.]


-Ukraine Adoption, Finding Jen Mays

-A senior at Haslett High School. Born in Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine. Fair hair, dark brown eyes, SPF 50 skin, age 21 but a senior in high school because she can’t speak a word of English, and also because she has Spastic Diplegia. Since many future new parents (who need to budget for months to get their Ukrainian Princess home) rename their Ukrainians, I will rename the girl to Jen Mays.

“Ya sama!” Jen Mays will speak. “I can do it!” 

“Da!”  Jen Mays will speak. “Yes!” 

-I will take the girl to Sparrow MAC Outdoor/Indoor Pool, to sign her up for youth-level swimming lessons (she will be cognitively that of a typical preteen girl). I will have her to take swimming lessons (despite the crying and whining), stretch her because she has severe cerebral palsy (despite the fact she abhors it when people stretch her), and teach her how to swim–to become a lifeguard, she will NEED LOTS AND LOTS OF TRAINING (CPR, swim test, etc.; she will be considered a worker from Ukraine, studying “Khan Academy Pre-Algebra major” at Michigan State University).

-Mrs. Busby told me that adopting from Ukraine requires problem-solving, inequalities, exponential functions, greater than/less than, and the metric system. 

-Mrs. Busby (my helper at MSU who will also care for Jen in a couple of years), is Jen Mays cognitively impaired? Mrs. Busby, Jen Mays is cognitively impaired: Intellectually, she is at the level of a 12-year-old (reading, speaking; listening), because Jen Mays has Cerebral Palsy and Learning Disability.