-The LINKS Program for Luke Mays

-At Shepherd College (http://www.shepherdscollege.edu/) in Wisconsin in a couple of years, Luke Mays (a Japanese boy I want to adopt in 2030; he will have autism, visual impairment, and spastic cerebral palsy), will have the LINKS program (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPsrvtzGI5w&nohtml5=False, Gerudo Valley from Super Smash Bros. 3DS on Luke’s Nintendo DSi; rated E10+ for preteens ages 10 and older; when you’re 10, you become a preteen; http://starautismsupport.com/curriculum/links-curriculum explains the LINKS program better).

-If Luke Mays can do para judo in London, England field trip by being a good boy, he can get his “Link plush toy-Legend of Zelda” as a privilege.

-Contrary to the youth on “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)” or “Child Genius (2010)”; Luke Mays WON’T believe the world revolves around him; the reason why gaining control over his emotions on a time-away and a spanking “will be because autism can impact behavior” (Understood).


6 thoughts on “-The LINKS Program for Luke Mays

  1. -Luke Mays will have Asperger’s Syndrome (high-functioning autism), but Shepherds College (which uses the LINKS Program for the intellectually disabled) uses “autism spectrum disorder.”
    -Of course, I don’t want “mental retardation” at his way, but it’s a necessary evil: Erin Loraine, a parent of two disabled youth, says that the “R” word is clinical language (UNFORTUNATELY A NECESSARY EVIL); Erin Loraine, an American lady who lives in St. Louis, Missouri; Mrs. Erin Loraine is a sweetheart. Someday, St. Louis, Missouri will be a vacation spot to meet Erin Loraine on 2030 ON THE SUMMER OF 2030.

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  2. -“Luke has autism!” someone speaks of Mr. Luke Mays.
    -“He also has cerebral palsy,” I speak; “brain damage causing poor body control: 10 minutes per grade level of homework=BECAUSE CEREBRAL PALSY IS BIRTH DEFECT! I do know what cerebral palsy is, and Luke Mays has spastic CP: ‘Spastic CP’ comes from ‘spaz,’ which means ‘to pull.'”

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  3. -“When I was born with autism,” I speak, “autism taught me that I am mentally disabled, but the intellectual disability is mild-to-moderate. When I took Luke Mays off to para judo in London, England; British blonde haired blue eyed people were always asking: ‘He looks like autism?’ ‘Yes, I will say; he has Asperger’s Syndrome,’ I will speak; ‘facial expressions are APPROPRIATELY CHALLENGING for him BECAUSE he has AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER. According to ‘Understood’ (a special needs website); AUTISM CAN IMPACT BEHAVIOR; although we do time-aways because time-away and spanking are to have him get spanked, and feel the pain of not gaining control over his emotions. Time-away is when Luke Mays sits on a chair for 11 minutes, and I spank him until he cries; to have him stop acting like a five-year-old!'”
    -“I’m NOT raising a ten-year-old, either,” I speak; “I’m raising A MINOR ALMOST AN ADULT.”

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  4. -“Yes, spanking PROVES Luke Mays is NOT five years old anymore,” I speak; “but no, the front of the room is for five years old. I’m sure they did do the front of the room when Luke was a baby, but he’s almost at Shepherds College; no, a corner is for the babies.”

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  5. -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAH5Y9G7rwU, or wheelchair tennis at the Paralympic Games in London (England), will be because Luke Mays’s cerebral palsy will be profound enough to NEED AN INVACARE MANUAL WHEELCHAIR! Yes, Luke will always be an invalid in an Invacare manual wheelchair; that’s why there’s wheelchair tennis in England for him!
    -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhjzCkEkl5o, or Katti Kalandal, will be Luke’s favorite song; he’s Asian (including Indian subcontinent and Philippine origin).
    -https://www.khanacademy.org/math/pre-algebra means that Luke will be in pre-algebra in Shepherds College as a university freshman; autism does affect the brain.

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