-Not Letting LD Hold Her Back

-My middle school teacher, Mrs. Busby, is not perfect. She was born in Russia with something called learning disability. She was born with a weakness in reading, meaning she had “Conceptual Biology” in high school because she had trouble with reading; but it was not because of severe low intelligence.

-Mrs. Busby never gives up; she uses failure as an opportunity to learn. Mrs. Busby, despite adversity in an orphanage in Russia also because she was Christian (and Khrushchev took Mrs. Busby away from her Russian family in Moscow), used learning disability as an opportunity to challenge herself with her 4.0 GPA from Haslett High School, and now she has a Master’s Degree in middle school education at MacDonald Middle School.

-Mrs. Busby came from Russia in 1978, for a better life in the Haslett community as a Viking; the 1st Viking from Russia.


2 thoughts on “-Not Letting LD Hold Her Back

  1. -Mrs. Busby’s ancestors came from Eastern Europe; Russia. Mrs. Busby has blonde hair and blue eyes, and she told me her family came from Russia as Jews.
    -Mrs. Busby says: “I’m American, but my family came from Russia.”

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