-Esther Hiromi Kobayashi Battling Severe Spina Bifida

-“Orthopedic impairment” (IEP defines this as “physical handicap”) is what Esther Hiromi Kobayashi, born in Japan with severe spina bifida, HAS; NOT WHO SHE IS.

-https://www.accessible-japan.com/japanese-paralympic-hopeful-prepares-for-rio-games/ means she was born with something called “Severe Spina Bifida” and is in her early 40s; suspected of having “intellectual disability” as well (the “R” word should be used sparingly, even on an IEP).

-She will be mainstreamed at Michigan State University, taking Khan Academy pre-algebra (after taking advanced math during the S.A.T. gauntlet is over) in AM and eating food at Brody Hall; this is where Mrs. Laurie Busby (who lives in Lansing, MI) will act as a paraprofessional (fair hair); Mrs. Busby will get out Esther H. Kobayashi’s Invacare cane.

-But on PM, she does attend special education at Whitehills School in 621 Pebblebrook Ln.
East Lansing, MI 48823; her paraprofessional (who lives in Okemos, MI), Mrs. Marie Mackoul (brunette with pale skin), is a sweetheart.

-Esther Hiromi Kobayashi (her first name will be after a Jewish girl who saved the Jews in the Old Testament) will be a Lutheran Christian (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod). Esther is a beautiful name, despite the fact she can’t control her body.

-Spina bifida means Esther (the fair hair girl) is unable to do things for herself (physically): She can’t open doors, walk without an Invacare cane, etc. But go figure, she can write well, do integers and pre-algebra with Sal Khan instructing her (and Esther doing the pre-algebra on her own; trial-and-error-strategies), and to mention PDD autism as well; she can name all the PDD medications she is on.


9 thoughts on “-Esther Hiromi Kobayashi Battling Severe Spina Bifida

  1. -Esther Hiromi Kobayashi, b. March 12, 1969 with spina bifida and PDD autism, needs an Invacare cane to get around: I’d be a mess if I had to live like this girl with the fair hair does. She’s culturally Jewish, but she’s religiously Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

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  2. -We’ll change her name to Esther; Esther caused the wicked Haman to die due to the planned genocide of Jews.
    -Esther means “star,” and I’m not going to call this Esther (or any other Esther) a goat; that’s mean to call people goats.
    -“Esther’s Esther,” I speak. “In para powerlifting when she goes to London for a trip, she does bench press (that Esther)!”

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  3. -“Like me, Esther Hiromi Kobayashi will be 19 years old when she graduates from high school,” I HAD spoken when Esther H. Kobayashi was in 11th grade; WE DID DELAY ONE YEAR OF HER HS GRADUATION. “After doing advanced math in 11th grade (she learned a lot); she took pre-algebra with Khan Academy in 12th grade. Not to mention she has spina bifida; she has a paraprofessional, Mrs. Busby, not because she’s unintelligent; but because she has ‘intellectual disability.’ People say that Esther gets Mays Mission because she has Spina Bifida; GPA of 2.3 is required through Mays Mission.”
    -“Yes, she has spina bifida,” I speak. “She has a 4.0 GPA and is envied by everyone; I say it’s because she has spina bifida.”

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  4. -“‘Spina bifida myemeningocele’ is why Esther can’t even walk or communicate,” I speak, “and her name is Esther. Spina bifida means she has very mild intellectual disability, but she can’t control her body because of poor oxygen to her spine.”

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  5. -“Esther means ‘star,'” I speak, “and people say, ‘Esther, like the Jewish princess!'”
    -“Esther Hiromi Kobayashi also has microcephaly,” I speak, “small brain. We were sad she had microcephaly, because we didn’t know what small brain meant.”

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  6. -“Esther Hiromi Kobayashi: ‘At Brody Hall MSU, we’re all obnoxiously loud. Yes, yes! At Whitehills PM, Mrs. Mackoul helps me. But Mrs. Mackoul also makes sure I use trial-and-error-strategies when she’s in the restroom.'”

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  7. -“Esther Hiromi Kobayashi will become Esther Hiromi Mays,” I will speak, “after her adoption is finalized. I’m now going to be Miss Mays eventually, and at Brody Hall MSU; I’m so glad that time-away is over. And I’m so glad my spina bifida does not limit me from mainstreaming. Spina bifida does affect the IQ, because of the microcephaly.”

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  8. -bench press is the perfect sport for Esther Hiromi Kobayashi; she is great with her arms, but due to spina bifida; she’s on the bench. Mrs. Busby never yells; she’s a good person who will get the Japanese American I mentioned, go to the bench press.

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  9. -Esther: “My mom was an Ainu, and my dad was from Japan; I’m Japanese.”
    -Esther: “I am going to Israel to marry Noam Gershony; so I will become Esther Hiromi Gershony; that’s Jewish. Noam Gershony, my husband, will have me become Esther Hiromi Gershony. We both love Paralympics Powerlifting, Khan Academy pre-algebra as classes due to our dyscalculia and spina bifida, & I am a Lutheran Missouri Synod marrying a Jewish man.”

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