-Nazmiye Muslu Battling Spina Bifida

-http://www.engellispor.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/538489_496027020427233_652726111_n.jpg: Born with spina bifida (condition landing her in a manual wheelchair by Invacare), Nazmiye Muslu also has microcephaly (small brain) when she was born in Turkey on June 13, 1975. Oh, why is she in a wheelchair? She’s moderately handicapped from the waist down; she has microcephaly as well: She is 40 to 41 years old and can’t spell her name, count past 10, or understand. However, she is in the Paralympics Powerlifting for Tokyo 2020, where I’m going to be Nazmiye Muslu’s bench-press judge.


3 thoughts on “-Nazmiye Muslu Battling Spina Bifida

  1. -Someday, I’m going to Japan to adopt Allie Li, a 15-or-16-year-old girl born on August 21 with both Microcephaly and Parkinson’s Disease, but who is 5’9″ or 175.26 cm (PD is physical, Microcephaly is mental). This will be done when I am an adult (who has LD, or Learning Disability).
    -My real name is Hannah Kim, but I chose Allie Li because that’ll be the real name of my future child, Allie Li.

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  2. -Allie was MAD! In “Spectrum Science” for Grade 12 in 2 years (that’s right; I’m delaying one year of graduation); I’ll learn of Parkinson’s disease; the horrible condition handicapping Allie Li’s ability to even open a door.
    -“I probably made Allie Li mad,” Roderick Prior says, “if she called me a robot.”

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  3. -Mrs. Busby, my teacher with spina bifida from Israel, told me she is a minority in two ways: her religion is Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, and also; she was born in Israel with spina bifida affecting both her legs.
    -https://realjerusalemstreets.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/dsc_4446b.jpg, or Noam Gershony from Israel I will meet on the June 2016 Jewish mission trip, uses a cane because he has spina bifida (neurological impairment according to KidsHealth). I could have been like Noam Gershony, I could have had very bad spina bifida, and I could have been with him in para powerlifting because I could have been unable to walk at all. Despite my disappointment at no honor-roll (all A’s and B’s in all classes) until June 10, 2016; I’m going to remember that with honor-roll by then (which no one cares about anyway); I’m going to be thankful I didn’t end up as severely handicapped as Noam Gershony, the man I want to witness to in Israel.


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