-Bring Molly Home from China!

-On 2018 at MSU, I want to go to China to adopt Molly, a Chinese girl born with bipolar disorder on March 18, 2004.

-Molly is a sweet and playful girl. Her DOB is 3/2004. Molly can sit, stand and walk, jump, run and go up and down stairs independently. She can make movements with teacher’s guidance. Regarding language development, she can communicate with nannies and teachers. She get’s along well with other children and likes to help others. She is able to play with toys, clap hands and dance with music, and participate in outdoor activities. Molly’s special need is mental retardation. Give her a chance. Look at her file! (From WordPress’s tag for China adoption).

-My heart BREAKS for orphans in China, considering China has the world’s #1 record for executing people. But then Molly will HAVE TO COME AMERICA FAST WHEN SHE IS 14 YEARS OLD EXACTLY! Even one day after that age, the orphan status will follow her around for the rest of her life.

-http://www.r-word.org/r-word-why-pledge.aspx#.VuqUIOKDFHw means that when I mainstream Molly in figure skating at Suburban Ice East Lansing at the Basic 1 level, I expect that the R-word NOT be used as slang; I just want to MAINSTREAM A FIGURE SKATER WITH INTELLECTUAL DISABILITY!


6 thoughts on “-Bring Molly Home from China!

  1. -Molly has a mind that is delayed; called mental retardation; born in China (Beijing). Molly will have this beautiful fair hair, brown eyes, and a Chinese accent due to living in China until age 14. Molly won’t be a baby; she’ll be 14 years old, entering the tenth grade and graduating at age 17!

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  2. -Ah-ah-ah; time-away is a form of a consequence for Molly Hong Cohen (adopted from China into St. Luke Lutheran Church in Haslett), she will play the violin to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2lSZyxK7eA Csardas from Mozart, and she will even do cheerleading at Parkwood YMCA.
    -Molly will do cheerleading at Parkwood YMCA; adopted from China despite Fragile X Syndrome (her diagnosis). Mental retardation means that Molly Cohen will be intellectually disabled, or that she has an IQ of 70.

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  3. -Ignore those people who say that all who are redshirted end up in jail: I’m going to redshirt Molly so that she’ll be 23 years old when she graduates from MSU (that is, she will have an extra senior year).


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