-With a March 12 birthday and an American age of 19 years old when she graduates (holding back a March 12 birthday due to bipolar-disorder and mobility-impairment will unfortunately be a necessary evil), Jessica Hiromi Kobayashi has done “Grade 12 Paralympics Judo for London, England Games, ” “MSU Paralympics Swimming for London, England Games,” and “MSU Khan Academy Pre-Algebra due to bipolar disorder.”

-Miss J.H. Kobayashi will also like “Mrs. Busby,” Genre Books “39 Clues: The Black Circle” and “One World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagined,” and “Mandeville London 2012 plush Mandeville London 2012 mascot.”

-Update: At MSU for a Master’s degree in “Disability Studies,” “Global Issues,” and “Khan Academy Pre-Algebra”; Jessica Hiromi Kobayashi will do “Paralympics Powerlifting” in Mexico, a Hispanic country, as her hobby.

-Update B: Ms. J.H. Kobayashi (same person) will be working with the paraprofessional Mrs. Carolyn Jones from EL, Michigan.


11 thoughts on “Communicate!

  1. -Sometimes, bipolar-disorder can cause learning-disability, and despite taking advanced classes in HS; J.H. Kobayashi (b. March 12 and a 19-year-old for her MSU application because we delayed one year) will need “MSU Khan Academy Pre-Algebra” not because of the easy way out, but because she will have problems understanding what inverses and integers she will need.

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  2. -Of course Hitler killed people with blonde hair blue eyes! Hitler did do raids on London, England; those people all have blonde hair blue eyes. Hitler abhorred the Hispanics of Mexico through threatening pro-Allies countries; Mexico’s populations have lots of people with blonde hair blue eyes. It must be noted: Hitler killed people from different countries OVERALL.

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  3. -When going to London, England for MSU Paralympics Swimming and to London, England for HHS Paralympics Judo, I’m glad Hitler won’t be there in London; Hitler killed the people of London, England; the British who live in London all have blonde hair blue eyes. WW2 photos PROVE that the British all have blonde hair blue eyes, but Hitler did air raids on London 77 years ago BECAUSE LONDON, ENGLAND IS IN A DIFFERENT COUNTRY!
    -Two redeeming traits Jessica Hiromi Kobayashi (the Japanese-American adoptee mentioned above) will speak: First, “Stalin of the USSR was a great person who was on the Allies”; second, “London, England–for a high-school event and an MSU event–did not like Hitler either, because Hitler took the British as slaves.”


  4. -“I have a job at ‘Disability Studies’ to help my mentally handicapped brother, Ben Shingo Kunieda b. February 21 but who got held back,” Jessica Hiromi Kobayashi will say when she arrives in London, England, “and I have ‘Khan Academy Pre-Algebra’ because of my bipolar-disorder.”

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  5. -“I mean I have ‘Khan Academy Pre-Algebra’ at MSU because of a bipolar-disorder waiver,” Jessica Hiromi Kobayashi says; “integers are A LOT HARDER than addition! My mentally-handicapped brother; Ben Shingo Kunieda, is also in an Invacare manual wheelchair, he can’t walk at all because of his spina bifida (spine didn’t develop right; paraplegia), he is intellectually-disabled and will get a GED, he’s crazy with me, and he’s going to get a GED not because he dropped out of school, but because he also has hydrocephalus (water on the brain).”

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  6. -“Due to the spina-bifida and hydrocephalus,” Jessica Hiromi Kobayashi will say; “Ben Shingo Kunieda with a February 21 birthday is delaying one year, just like of the success of holding me back due to my March 12 birthday. My parapro, Mrs. Jones, says that ‘Khan Academy Pre-Algebra’ at MSU is GENERAL-EDUCATION AT A SLOW PACE.”

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  7. -“Connor Green can say all he wants to about Ben Shingo Kunieda,” I (Mrs. Mays as a future mom; Mrs. Kim-Li as a future aunt) will say; “Ben Shingo Kunieda b. on February 21 just starts verbal fights with people about GPA because Ben Shingo Kunieda made the Term 1 honor roll for Grade 12.”

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  8. -“Matt Garnett lies!” Ben Shingo Kunieda says. “Matt Garnett is an annoying Adolf Hitler supporter who doesn’t even apply himself in any classes! Matt Garnett’s annoying, Matt Garnett doesn’t apply himself, and you can’t trust Matt Garnett. I know that because I’ve known Matt Garnett around here in media.”

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  9. -“Update: Mrs. Busby is also Jessica Hiromi Kobayashi’s paraprofessional,” I will speak; ” I don’t mean to digress, but Mrs. Busby has ancestors from Germany, Ukraine, Japan, and Indonesia (what Mrs. Busby told me about what makes her exotic). Mrs. Busby is a practicing Christian who was born in the brutal treatment of the Christians in Ukraine (Kiev). Mrs. Busby, as she told me, is a religious Christian who LOVES the Lord.”
    -“Ah-ah-ah! We don’t label!” Mrs. Busby will sharply bark when someone labels Jessica Hiromi Kobayashi due to the recent Parkinson’s-disease (why J.H. Kobayashi will use an Invacare manual wheelchair constantly despite the March 12, 1969 birth).


  10. -, or Powerlifting at the London 2012 Paralympic Games, means that Jessica Hiromi Kobayashi, despite her spastic cerebral palsy, will bench-press 400 pounds. Cerebral palsy can cause cognitive delay.

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