-Mainstreaming is the placement of a special class student with a disability in the general education classroom with age-appropriate peers for those areas of instruction in which the student’s academic and behavioral performance is within the range of his or her non-disabled peers and is not impacted by his or her disability.

  • Appropriate mainstream placement does not and should not require any additional supports.
    • Individually assigned supports available to the student in the special class (e.g. assistive technology, school health services), however, are to be available to the student during mainstreamed classes.
  • Students with disabilities should be able to participate with non-disabled students in non-academic and extracurricular activities, unless their IEP indicates otherwise.
    • Non-academic and extracurricular activities include lunch, assembly, trips, recess periods, athletics, transportation, health services, recreational activities, school-sponsored special interest groups or clubs, referrals to agencies that provide assistance to individuals with disabilities and employment of students.
    • For students recommended to receive paraprofessional services for health or behavior management needs, the IEP should indicate whether the paraprofessional service is required during non-academic/extracurricular school activities.
    • 5’6″ at college; 5’2″ as I get older due to spina bifida occulta affecting how tall I will be; but me VS Oksana Khrul in Para Swimming S6 is called mainstreaming (mildly disabled in a normal school): In the poor country of the Ukraine, brunette Oksana Khrul will take me to Kiev, Ukraine.
  • Oksana’s religion is Jewish, meaning she believes that Moses is Deity; she uses secular Judaism as a Reform Jew, and she says Jews are a minority group in anti-Semitic Ukraine!

6 thoughts on “Mainstreaming

  1. -I am Lutheran, and I will go to, or St. Luke Lutheran Church in Haslett, Michigan. I was writing of Oksana Khrul from Ukraine where I will go to defeat her in swimming at the Handicapped Olympics S6 Swimming, and she told me that she is Reform Jewish (I will stay Lutheran Christian). “Oksana thinks this is funny,” I will speak of her (though it’s something I don’t put in my diary; ha-ha). I will even change my name to “Ms. Hannah Saunders” when I finish rivaling Oksana Khrul, as “Saunders” shows leadership to the chosen ones of God.

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  2. -Oksana fell right off her chair: I was stunned, upset, and embarrassed. But I will be blessed by the love that Oksana, a fighter, will give.
    -“Oksana has athetoid quadriplegic CP,” I will say; “she didn’t get enough chemistry oxygen (what she’s studying at MSU for concept chemistry) when she was born on April 1 (Aries), and she needs help to walk and talk.”

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  3. -“Oksana Khrul is cognitively impaired,” I say; “she (Ms. Khrul) is 27 years old as of April 1, but she can’t spell her name or know what a stranger is. Oksana Khrul’s offset is that she’ll be getting the Peckham Inc. Jobs for Persons with Disabilities, but won’t speak a word of English (she was born in the Ukraine).”
    -Update: I found out Oksana Khrul is just 88 pounds and 5’0″ (but she wears 6-inch-heels), and my friend Oksana Khrul’s body is SMALLER THAN AVERAGE (she won’t be 27 until April 1; born in the Ukraine with birth defects including microcephaly due to Chernobyl).

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  4. -Emily Drummelsmith, my friend, told me that since Oksana Khrul is 5’0″, 88 pounds, and will turn 27 years old on April 1 (DOB of Oksana K. is 4-1-1989); Oksana Khrul is NOT average; Oksana Khrul is very petite.
    -“Oksana Khrul is cognitively impaired,” people will say.
    -“But Oksana Khrul can hear you,” I will speak; “so we can’t label her.”


  5. -Someday, I’m going to Japan to adopt Allie Li, a 15-or-16-year-old girl born on August 21 with both Microcephaly and Parkinson’s Disease, but who is 5’9″ or 175.26 cm (PD is physical, Microcephaly is mental). This will be done when I am an adult (who has LD, or Learning Disability).
    My real name is Hannah Kim, but I chose Allie Li because that’ll be the real name of my future child, Allie Li.


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