-With a March 12 birthday and an American age of 19 years old when she graduates (holding back a March 12 birthday due to bipolar-disorder and mobility-impairment will unfortunately be a necessary evil), Jessica Hiromi Kobayashi has done “Grade 12 Paralympics Judo for London, England Games, ” “MSU Paralympics Swimming for London, England Games,” and “MSU Khan Academy Pre-Algebra due to bipolar disorder.”

-Miss J.H. Kobayashi will also like “Mrs. Busby,” Genre Books “39 Clues: The Black Circle” and “One World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagined,” and “Mandeville London 2012 plush Mandeville London 2012 mascot.”

-Update: At MSU for a Master’s degree in “Disability Studies,” “Global Issues,” and “Khan Academy Pre-Algebra”; Jessica Hiromi Kobayashi will do “Paralympics Powerlifting” in Mexico, a Hispanic country, as her hobby.

-Update B: Ms. J.H. Kobayashi (same person) will be working with the paraprofessional Mrs. Carolyn Jones from EL, Michigan.



-Mainstreaming is the placement of a special class student with a disability in the general education classroom with age-appropriate peers for those areas of instruction in which the student’s academic and behavioral performance is within the range of his or her non-disabled peers and is not impacted by his or her disability.

  • Appropriate mainstream placement does not and should not require any additional supports.
    • Individually assigned supports available to the student in the special class (e.g. assistive technology, school health services), however, are to be available to the student during mainstreamed classes.
  • Students with disabilities should be able to participate with non-disabled students in non-academic and extracurricular activities, unless their IEP indicates otherwise.
    • Non-academic and extracurricular activities include lunch, assembly, trips, recess periods, athletics, transportation, health services, recreational activities, school-sponsored special interest groups or clubs, referrals to agencies that provide assistance to individuals with disabilities and employment of students.
    • For students recommended to receive paraprofessional services for health or behavior management needs, the IEP should indicate whether the paraprofessional service is required during non-academic/extracurricular school activities.
    • 5’6″ at college; 5’2″ as I get older due to spina bifida occulta affecting how tall I will be; but me VS Oksana Khrul in Para Swimming S6 is called mainstreaming (mildly disabled in a normal school): In the poor country of the Ukraine, brunette Oksana Khrul will take me to Kiev, Ukraine.
  • Oksana’s religion is Jewish, meaning she believes that Moses is Deity; she uses secular Judaism as a Reform Jew, and she says Jews are a minority group in anti-Semitic Ukraine!