Khan Academy Pre-Algebra in Grade 12 for senior year scheduling

Due to my LD (, I’ve decided that after I finish the junior year challenge strong, I can take Khan Academy Pre-Algebra (you can search Google for this) in Grade 12, because I have:

  • Mathematics Disorder – a mathematical disability in which an individual has a difficult time solving arithmetic problems and grasping math concepts.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as pre-algebra isn’t for the mildly cognitively impaired (those with IQs under 85 but who still can go to normal schools), not for the moderately cognitively impaired (those with IQs from 40 to 70 who take all special classes at normal schools), and NOT for the severely cognitively impaired (those with IQs of 39 or under and who will always have guardianship due to intellectual incompetence). Pre-Algebra, for a 2016-2017 senior, will be seen as a borderline general-education classroom, because while a senior in pre-algebra won’t get any AP credit, this same senior in pre-algebra is cognitively higher-level than a senior graduating with a certificate of completion. (See Khan Academy Pre-Algebra as a 12th grader next year is a necessary evil for the LD adult….

  • And LD WON’T prohibit me from any sports, as I aspire to be a TOP PARALYMPICS JUDOKA IN THE SMALL-BONED 52 KG BODY CATEGORY in London, UK (, as I hope that the British get to use (Team Japan’s) Paralympics Judokas. Also, LD, VI, and Autism (all 3 of my special needs) are what I HAVE, NOT WHO I AM. You can call me Hannah Kim (or Kim Zhe-Cui), an inspiration, Team Japan’s #1 Paralympics Judoka in London, Great Britain, and even inspirational. But “psycho,” the “R” word, and “spaz” are words I find highly offensive.

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