Tokyo, Japan 2020 Paralympics Judo

-In 2020 while still a MSU student, I pray to God that I can become qualified for Team Japan’s Paralympics Judo 2020 Team (after applying for dual citizenship with BOTH USA AND JAPAN), because THIS IS WHAT I WILL WRITE MY SOCIAL POEM ABOUT, TO MY 2020 HANDICAPPED JUDGE–SANG LAN OF CHINA–because Sang Lan is an inspiration to me: Despite being quadriplegic since she was a sophomore in HS, Sang Lan will be WILLING to sports-judge visually-impaired judokas in Tokyo, Japan, even though Sang Lan is mildly cognitively impaired and uses a power wheelchair now. So here’s the poem:

-Sang Lan, you are my best judge for many years,

My heart broke for you when you became quadriplegic with an IQ of 71,

But you never gave up. You pressed on and became shining beautiful.

Dream pursuer Sang Lan, no matter what the dumb media says,

You are a wonderful angel, sent by God from the People’s Republic of China.

Xie xie (thank you), Sang Lan, for thankfulness no matter what!


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