Two Children I want to adopt someday

-Daisy, a 15-or-16-year-old girl born on August 21 in Kyiv, the Ukraine, with high-functioning autism and visual impairment, will be my 1st child I want to adopt someday with God’s grace. While Daisy from Ukraine (of Tatar-Asian descent with fair hair and blue eyes) will be physically able, she will be visually weakened with cataracts, and autism will be why her life in the Ukraine will have been weakened. (The Ukraine’s GDP per capita is $3,900/a year, and children crawl if they are handicapped in Ukrainian orphanages). Daisy’s name will be her legal U.S. name, despite being adopted from Kyiv, the capital of the Ukraine. Yes, Daisy will have a Ukrainian accent, because even though she will learn English, she will permanently have a Ukrainian accent. And yes she’ll be a size small (155 cm, or 5’1″), because of genetics AND the way God would have made her. Visual impairment means that Daisy won’t see clearly, and high-functioning autism means that Daisy will have mild Asperger’s Syndrome along with somewhat impaired communication.

-Katie, a 4-or-5-year-old girl born on May 9 in Tokyo, Japan, with spina bifida and an Invacare manual wheelchair, will be my 2nd child I want to adopt when I’m an adult. Spina bifida is caused by damage to the spine and the brain, which will be why Katie will always need an Invacare manual wheelchair (despite being 3’10”, or 119 centimeters at age 4 or 5 years old). Spina bifida is physical and mental, as a result. It does affect the brain, because it affects the spine and the mental achievement.


6 thoughts on “Two Children I want to adopt someday

  1. Daisy will have a slight build, meaning she’ll be both slim and short. If you want to calculate the average Ukrainian height, you need to calculate all Ukrainians. Also, asking all Ukrainians their overall build (including Daisy Khrul) won’t be seen as polite.


  2. If you want to calculate the average Japanese body of a 4-or-5-year-old Japanese child, you need to calculate all four-to-five-year-old Japanese children. It would be rude to ask Katie Wu her average body, because that’s personal.

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