I’m just enjoying life.

It’s really interesting how time flies! I’m doing fine with my sister Esther (a beautiful, general-education sister God has blessed me with), although when I go to MSU, I want to minor in Khan Academy Pre-Algebra (Salman Khan created this website so that it’s not stressful, but not too easy for my pre-algebra students), and major in Glencoe Earth Science, as well as Little Pim Russian and John Santrock Psychology (science of the Earth, a chance to learn the tongue of the Soviet Union and Poland, and psychological studies of the intellectually disabled, such as this guy named Mario Ferguson whom I used to look after because of his intellectual disability from severe ALS).

I will go to New Hope Church Haslett from now on, even when I leave HHS for MSU, because it’s a biblical community that opposes anything contrary to the Bible, although on special Jewish holidays, I will go to Congregation Shaarey Zedek Reform Jewish Synagogue East Lansing (to live life 99% as a Lutheran Christian, and 1% as a secular Jew). Secular Judaism (my 1% religion) supports Planned Parenthood (pro-choice familial adults and LGBT Judaism), but Lutheran Christianity at New Hope Church Haslett (my 99% religion) is very strict about Christianity and the Bible. I mean, think of it! While the United States commemorates the deaths of 17 million Jews, Poles, Soviet prisoners of war, Ukrainians, disabled people (my Learning Disability, Mario’s ALS, my friend Maddy Mayes’s cerebral palsy, and Natasha Vins’s spina bifida), and all those without fair hair blue eyes, the United States refuses to recognize that China killed 20 million Christians under Mao Zedong–yes, China was on the Allies during WW2 from 1939 to 1945–but China is guilty of anti-Christian genocide. And anyone who says “GOD BLESS CHINA!” is fighting against the Lord.



One thought on “Hello

  1. -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZqUFh96_JQ. or Dream Pursuer, will have me think of Noura Kobayashi, a fighter born in Tokyo, Japan with severe spina bifida, severe bipolar disorder, and mild microcephaly. 17 and three quarters can be a difficult age–old enough to watch “Kuki Sanban” on “Kids Next Door,” but too young to sign a parental consent form–and she will become Japanese-American.
    -Noura Kobayashi’s official diagnosis will be “Down syndrome” according to http://kidshealth.org/en/parents/az-down.html?ref=search#catbrain causing very, very mild cognitive impairment, in addition to being 5’1″ and 93 pounds; living with Down syndrome as the official diagnosis. So for YMCA Cheerleading in Grade 11, Noura Kobayashi will need a neck x-ray as a result of Down syndrome or Trisomy 21 (to make sure she’s negative for an unstable neck) before she can be a high school 11th grade cheerleader. She will even get a GED to go to Michigan State University for “Human Bio,” despite “Down syndrome.”


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