Khan Academy Pre-Algebra in Grade 12 for senior year scheduling

Due to my LD (, I’ve decided that after I finish the junior year challenge strong, I can take Khan Academy Pre-Algebra (you can search Google for this) in Grade 12, because I have:

  • Mathematics Disorder – a mathematical disability in which an individual has a difficult time solving arithmetic problems and grasping math concepts.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as pre-algebra isn’t for the mildly cognitively impaired (those with IQs under 85 but who still can go to normal schools), not for the moderately cognitively impaired (those with IQs from 40 to 70 who take all special classes at normal schools), and NOT for the severely cognitively impaired (those with IQs of 39 or under and who will always have guardianship due to intellectual incompetence). Pre-Algebra, for a 2016-2017 senior, will be seen as a borderline general-education classroom, because while a senior in pre-algebra won’t get any AP credit, this same senior in pre-algebra is cognitively higher-level than a senior graduating with a certificate of completion. (See¬† Khan Academy Pre-Algebra as a 12th grader next year is a necessary evil for the LD adult….

  • And LD WON’T prohibit me from any sports, as I aspire to be a TOP PARALYMPICS JUDOKA IN THE SMALL-BONED 52 KG BODY CATEGORY in London, UK (, as I hope that the British get to use (Team Japan’s) Paralympics Judokas. Also, LD, VI, and Autism (all 3 of my special needs) are what I HAVE, NOT WHO I AM. You can call me Hannah Kim (or Kim Zhe-Cui), an inspiration, Team Japan’s #1 Paralympics Judoka in London, Great Britain, and even inspirational. But “psycho,” the “R” word, and “spaz” are words I find highly offensive.

Tokyo, Japan 2020 Paralympics Judo

-In 2020 while still a MSU student, I pray to God that I can become qualified for Team Japan’s Paralympics Judo 2020 Team (after applying for dual citizenship with BOTH USA AND JAPAN), because THIS IS WHAT I WILL WRITE MY SOCIAL POEM ABOUT, TO MY 2020 HANDICAPPED JUDGE–SANG LAN OF CHINA–because Sang Lan is an inspiration to me: Despite being quadriplegic since she was a sophomore in HS, Sang Lan will be WILLING to sports-judge visually-impaired judokas in Tokyo, Japan, even though Sang Lan is mildly cognitively impaired and uses a power wheelchair now. So here’s the poem:

-Sang Lan, you are my best judge for many years,

My heart broke for you when you became quadriplegic with an IQ of 71,

But you never gave up. You pressed on and became shining beautiful.

Dream pursuer Sang Lan, no matter what the dumb media says,

You are a wonderful angel, sent by God from the People’s Republic of China.

Xie xie (thank you), Sang Lan, for thankfulness no matter what!

Take me to Beijing, China, for Paralympics Table Tennis!

-Beijing, China, is A BEAUTIFUL CITY AND RULED BY HU JINTAO, A GREAT PERSON, because China was our ally during World War Two (Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai Shek). In China, Paralympics Table Tennis is very popular, and was invented in China by Caucasian missionaries who began missions to the native Han Chinese.

- Tails, a great guy (and a red fox from “Sonic X”), is why I’ll love authentic Chinese table tennis at the Paralympic Games in Beijing, China, someday.

-I’m going to represent Team Japan, my cultural state, as while Japan isn’t quite a democracy yet, at least Team Japan can expose China’s extreme perfection over GPA in Beijing (The People’s Republic of China). Vote for Japanese table tennis team member (Hannah Kim, or Kim Zhe-Cui) at Beijing, China’s Paralympics, because at the Paralympic Games, “it’s ability, not disability, that counts!” (E.W. Mays from Mays Mission for the Handicapped).

Two Children I want to adopt someday

-Daisy, a 15-or-16-year-old girl born on August 21 in Kyiv, the Ukraine, with high-functioning autism and visual impairment, will be my 1st child I want to adopt someday with God’s grace. While Daisy from Ukraine (of Tatar-Asian descent with fair hair and blue eyes) will be physically able, she will be visually weakened with cataracts, and autism will be why her life in the Ukraine will have been weakened. (The Ukraine’s GDP per capita is $3,900/a year, and children crawl if they are handicapped in Ukrainian orphanages). Daisy’s name will be her legal U.S. name, despite being adopted from Kyiv, the capital of the Ukraine. Yes, Daisy will have a Ukrainian accent, because even though she will learn English, she will permanently have a Ukrainian accent. And yes she’ll be a size small (155 cm, or 5’1″), because of genetics AND the way God would have made her. Visual impairment means that Daisy won’t see clearly, and high-functioning autism means that Daisy will have mild Asperger’s Syndrome along with somewhat impaired communication.

-Katie, a 4-or-5-year-old girl born on May 9 in Tokyo, Japan, with spina bifida and an Invacare manual wheelchair, will be my 2nd child I want to adopt when I’m an adult. Spina bifida is caused by damage to the spine and the brain, which will be why Katie will always need an Invacare manual wheelchair (despite being 3’10”, or 119 centimeters at age 4 or 5 years old). Spina bifida is physical and mental, as a result. It does affect the brain, because it affects the spine and the mental achievement.

Take me to Beijing, China, for Gym Vault!

Buy a Nintendo DS (look up on Google) before buying this E-rated game (ages 6 and up) I love the Beijing 2008 Vault Event for Gymnastics (popular in China). I will be the oldest team member (based off Princess Blaze) at HS age, which is mainstreaming in special education.
I won’t be like Sang Lan, who is quadriplegic BECAUSE SHE CHOSE NOT TO FOCUS! Though this game (and gymnastics) will take me to Beijing, China as Princess Blaze, this game and the DS say “Made in Japan.”


I’m just enjoying life.

It’s really interesting how time flies! I’m doing fine with my sister Esther (a beautiful, general-education sister God has blessed me with), although when I go to MSU, I want to minor in Khan Academy Pre-Algebra (Salman Khan created this website so that it’s not stressful, but not too easy for my pre-algebra students), and major in Glencoe Earth Science, as well as Little Pim Russian and John Santrock Psychology (science of the Earth, a chance to learn the tongue of the Soviet Union and Poland, and psychological studies of the intellectually disabled, such as this guy named Mario Ferguson whom I used to look after because of his intellectual disability from severe ALS).

I will go to New Hope Church Haslett from now on, even when I leave HHS for MSU, because it’s a biblical community that opposes anything contrary to the Bible, although on special Jewish holidays, I will go to Congregation Shaarey Zedek Reform Jewish Synagogue East Lansing (to live life 99% as a Lutheran Christian, and 1% as a secular Jew). Secular Judaism (my 1% religion) supports Planned Parenthood (pro-choice familial adults and LGBT Judaism), but Lutheran Christianity at New Hope Church Haslett (my 99% religion) is very strict about Christianity and the Bible. I mean, think of it! While the United States commemorates the deaths of 17 million Jews, Poles, Soviet prisoners of war, Ukrainians, disabled people (my Learning Disability, Mario’s ALS, my friend Maddy Mayes’s cerebral palsy, and Natasha Vins’s spina bifida), and all those without fair hair blue eyes, the United States refuses to recognize that China killed 20 million Christians under Mao Zedong–yes, China was on the Allies during WW2 from 1939 to 1945–but China is guilty of anti-Christian genocide. And anyone who says “GOD BLESS CHINA!” is fighting against the Lord.